Introducing IDEALdrive

The industry’s first joystick steering control system for combines. Available as an optional feature from the factory on all class sizes.

The Fendt® IDEAL™ Combine

A new combine for a new era of farming in North America. Designed to be automated in operation, the IDEAL combine is already setting industry standards for efficiency and output.

IDEAL Combine

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Harvest

The harvest strategy itself is set by an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet, allowing the operator to select preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in the bin. In addition, the IDEALharvest™ system can even compensate for sudden shifts in various factors, such as crop density and field slope, anticipating and correcting problems before they occur.

Operate at maximum efficiency

Offering different options for different-sized operations, the class 8 and 9 models use two rotors—in a dual helix configuration—providing an industry-leading 43.7 square feet of threshing area. The class 7 IDEAL features one of these new revolutionary rotors, also offering best-in-class threshing and separation capabilities to ensure that the IDEAL has a platform available for all operation sizes.

Harvesting is all about Time

On all classes, unloading speed and grain tank capacity are coupled with an innovative auger that is gentle on grain, ensuring less damage, and it requires less power than older systems. Available as a standard feature on the class 9 and as an option on class 7 and 8, the Streamer™ 6.0 unloads at 6.0 bu./sec. IDEAL also offers the Streamer 4.0, which unloads at 4.0 bu./sec.

Focused on grain quality

While the rotor is exceptionally efficient, its threshing and separating performance is best-in-class. At nearly 16 feet long, it’s almost two feet longer than the nearest competitor—allowing the material to generate huge centrifugal force at a much lower speed and remain in the rotor longer. As a result, grains are separated gently and reliably, while straw is protected at the same time.

Take the road less traveled

Go where no other combine has ever gone. Styled with rubber tracks up to 36" designed and produced in Jackson, MN, IDEAL allows for quicker, easier, and more comfortable transportation.

Clear the path

The hydraulic suspended rubber tracks have the largest footprint on every belt size, making this combine maneuverable on any terrain while mitigating compaction and protecting your future crops. IDEAL balance has a unique built-in hillside feature that evenly distributes the crop over the pan in a simplified manner providing better capacity and easier cleaning.

Have a clear vision

Your harvest vision will come to fruition with industry leading data management in a comfortable setting. Setting a new standard for automated machine adjustment, the IDEALharvest system offers unprecedented, real-time visualization of crop flow within the combine via a special grain-quality camera you can monitor using wireless control.

Know when and where to harvest

IDEAL is equipped with numerous sensors, including mass acoustic detection sensors (MADS) that measure the differences in acoustic qualities. The sensors determine what is grain and what is not, and direct the IDEALharvest system to change the concave clearance and the height of chaffer and sieve, as well as ground, rotor and fan speeds—all to maintain the operator’s harvest strategy.

Support like no other

AGCO and your dealer are working closely to make sure you are operating at all times in any situation or condition. IDEAL comes with Fendt Gold Customer Care, an industry-leading commercial service uptime assurance package with a 3 year or 1,200 engine hour warranty, along with dealers that specialize in harvesting expertise and top of the line service.

Focus on what’s important

IDEAL is engineered to be low maintenance with a drive center that replaces the complex 3 belt system, which limits inefficiency and cost of maintaining other combine platforms.