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Fendt IDEAL Crop Feature – IDEAL in Wheat

This past August, we traveled to Glen Ullin, North Dakota, to validate, test and demonstrate the capability of the Fendt IDEAL combine in wheat. This was the start of the Fendt IDEAL Proving Grounds in North America and we proved that the Fendt IDEAL has the opportunity to truly improve the efficiency of our customer’s operations.

For two weeks in the North Dakota summer heat, we tested the technology and advanced engineering that was designed to address our customer’s needs, for today and the future. Our mission? To prove that an axial combine can deliver the high capacity of a rotary machine, ensuring low loss levels and high grain quality, while also delivering straw quality.

Consistently, with a Class 8 combine, we outperformed other harvesters in the field regarding capacity and loss level.

The straw quality from the discharge of the Fendt IDEAL combine was immaculate. The Fendt team, dealers, and customers were all very pleased with straw lengths that you would usually only find with a straw walker combine, not an axial combine. The reason? The Fendt IDEAL 8 Dual Helix rotors. The 16-foot rotors effectively thresh and separate while still being gentle on the crop mat. The heads were completely intact to the straw and all wheat was threshed out in the process, with no shearing of the straw.

Another key Proving Grounds success point was the IDEALharvest™ visualization system. With its real-time view inside the combine, ensuring the operator had the right information to make the right decision in optimizing harvest performance, IDEALharvest was impressive. As operators look for ways to be more efficient and profitable, the on-the-fly decision making IDEALharvest affords will be game-changing.

Our time in wheat gave our team the confidence that the Fendt IDEAL combine is going to change the way we view total in-field efficiency. Stay tuned for the May Fendt IDEAL Crop Feature when we talk about our time spent in canola.

-Caleb Schleder, AGCO Marketing Manager, Combines